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Looking for S/W/A fic
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babs6219 wrote in fic_search
Hi, I'm new to this group and I have been looking for a story I read a LONG time ago and I'm about to give up. Basically, it's the end of the world or the end of days, Spike, Willow and Angel are together, I remember they found/stole a hippie van with a little fridge and a bed of some sort although one of them wanted to take a nice, newer car instead. They're driving around and there is a lot of sex between the three of them, and that's all I remember. I'm pretty sure it was a decently long WIP and it was amazing!

Anyone know this one? Thanks in advance if anyone knows.


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Yeah I know this one...one of my favorites. The Great and Terrible by Rachel Anton. It is on Redssoulmates under Willow/Angel/Spike fic A-M.

Here is a link


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