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Trying to find a fiction piece.
vantiri wrote in fic_search
I remember this from a while ago- and it seems that the website has been closed down... the story (I think) was named 'White Magic', and the author went by 'DreamsofSpike', anyway, it was a Spike-Tara piece and Buffy was pretty much the villain of it.
What I'd like is to find out what happened to "Just Rewards" (a spuffy archive), it also had a piece that had Willow going to Spike to ask if it was morally acceptable to ressurect Buffy. She says in it "but the ends don't justify the means." (I think it was called 'a moral question').
Both were on the "Just Rewards" archive, I've tried to get on a few times and each time it said that the archive has been shut down- or something like that.
Thanks for your help in advance.
P.S. feel free to respond to this via comment.


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