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Spander fic search
shadowfire2130 wrote in fic_search
I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. It was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic with a pairing of Spike/Xander. I don't remember which site it it was on since I've been on many that explore all pairings in this fandom but my brain keeps telling me it was FF.net even though I'm doubtful. Anyway, I don't remember much, which probably doesn't help in finsing it but here are the details that I do remember.

-the story (I think) starts out with Xander being given to Spike as a gift from Angel or Angelus, as Spike thinks he is for he doesn't know about the soul?
-multi-chaptered story, complete, over 10,000 words
-there is one scene where xander comes over to where Spike is staying and the minion or whatever he is, calls Xander Spike's pet and Xander gets a little angry
-Angel tries to kill Spike when becomes Angelus but Spike isn't there or manages to get away and move somewhere else
-Angel might have kidnapped Xander because he wants to claim him or something but I'm not at all sure of this detail
-Buffy and the others are very much against the whole relationship between Xander and Spike
-they might even have tried to tell him Spike is only using him and doesn't feel anything for him

That is all that I remember and I hope that someone can help to find this story for me. Even if you have stories that sound similar I would be very grateful for even one suggestion. After all, it will be one more to take off the list of potentials.


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