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Spike centric
drawyourworld wrote in fic_search
Hi! I read this fics years ago and I can't find them, the plot is similiar:

1 - In buffy season 5, Glory has Illyria's sarcophagus and infected Spike with it, the scoobies tried to find the way to help him and Angel appeared too, I think that the transformation was complete but Spike started to fight it off. 

2 - In Angel there is another demon god liked Illyria but he is contained in a sword and a group of people (they said that only someone from aurelius could be the vessel)  tried to infect Angel with it but somehow Spike got into the way and ended up with the demon inside of him (very similar to the Illyria/fred transformation and he was related to her somehow, husband or brother), and in the end he took over Spike's body.

Thank you! 


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