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BTVS Fic Search

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BtVS Fic Search
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Looking for a BtVS or Angel fic? Can't remember where you read it? Or the title?

Everyone has that fic that they read a long time ago and they want to read again, but they can't remember where they read it, the title, or maybe the author. Or maybe the site you read it on is gone now. This ist he place to ask.

This community is NOT for posting fic or fic challenges, it's for searching for a fic you want to find.


There aren't many but I want this to community to stay on topic.

1. You can post a search for a specific fic, or if you are looking for a certain type of fic. Ex. You want to find Truth or Dare fics, or fics by a specific author who's site has moved, or is gone.

2. You can not post a challenge or a request to have a fic written. That's not what this is for.

3. If you can provide a link for a fic someone is looking for post it as a comment to the original post.

4. We're all here to help each other, so be polite, if you have a problem with someone take it off of this community. If it's a problem with a post being offensive or something community related you can email me, but I'm not babysitting. Deal with personal issues somewhere else. If I have to deal with it both parties will be banned.

5. You can promote your own comms here, but be reasonable. I don't want to see a pimp post for your community on a daily basis.

That's it for now, but I'll add to this if other issues crop up.