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LFS: Willow/Angel

I am looking for a story where Angel takes Willow to Paris and they return as lovers.  I think there is also a part where they all go to New Orleans and Xander hooks up with Amy.   Buffy becomes very jealous.

Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you in advance.


Spuffy Fic Search!

Hey, everyone! New to this comm, but I got SO excited when I found it because...

Okay, so it's a Spuffy AU where Spike and Dru are still together...and Dru brings him a 'present' one night- a little blonde haired girl named Buffy. Dru thinks that she's brought him something to play with, but as it turns out... little Buffy's eyes flash GOLD for Spike- which means that she's supposed to be his mate someday! Awesomeness ensues...Spike buys Buffy Mr. Gordo, watches over her, and then BAM- STFU, Buff is the Slayer, this girl he's been waiting forever for! Rest of the story goes off from there, and it's wonderful.

OMG I can't remember what it's called, who wrote it, but I DO remember is that it was one of my faves and it is BRILLIANT! I HIGHLY recommend it!

SO, if anyone knows what I'm talking about, please let me know!!! I miss this story, lol.
Thanks, guys!!! :D

Fic search
I'm looking for a spander story I read a while back.
It was spike pov. I think he was remembering past events.

seet in the Basement of Doom. xander comes home one night acting strange and maybe forces? a chiped spike to have sex with him. (not sure if it was consensual or not) Afterwards when Spike asks Why Xander says "Don't ask, Don't tell". the next morning xander's back to him self and explains? talks about vaguely? his posession by a soldier.
years? months? later spike after getting to know Xander better questions him about the incident By saying "May I ask? May I tell?"

Don't Say A Word
Does anyone know if Challie B ever finished her Spike/Willow fic called Don't Say A Word? And if she did, do you have a link (I've googled it to death) or does anyone have it saved to their computer?

It's the one where Willow goes missing for a week and turns up behind Caritas eight months pregnant.

Willow/Spike (Angelus) Fic Search
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I'm looking for a Willow/Spike (& Willow/Angelus) fanfiction. I read it quite a while ago and would love to reread it but was not able to find it. The fanfiction is probably NC17 since it contains adult content. I don't remember all of it but Willow was tortured by Angelus and now needs to feel the hurt he made her feel. She lets minions bite her to feel better, Spike finds out and they make a deal and eventually fall in love. Has anyone heard of the story and could maybe point me in the right direction?

W/A Fic Search
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I am looking for a fic for a friend.

In this fic Angelus and Willow had a thing. He looses his soul and
Willow has to go on without him. Angel tries to be just friends with
her but it's becoming difficult fot both of them. He can still feel
the bond bewteen them.

He one part of the fic she finds comfort in a boy at school. Which
does not sit well with Angel.

At the end Angel comes to apologize and Buffy finds out at first she
is not happy but she tells them she needs time. Willow and Angel go
somewhere to talk.

If anyone finds this familar please let me know at mypetconcubine at
yahoo dot com

A Willow/Buffy/Tara story
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I am looking for a Willow/Buffy/Tara story where oz comes back and is pissed. He ends up breaking willow's hand, bites buffy and throws tara out giles' front window. Willow uses a spell and takes buffy's wolf and all kinds of craziness happens. Please let me know if you know, either or, title, author, or link. Thanks,

Help me please
By binkette
I am looking for an BTVS fic where Angel is forced to sire Willow, or maybe to play sire after her soul is restored. In one part the whole gang goes to a italian resturant after Willow is changed and she eats a breadstick with garlic on it and has to run out. Angel for got to remind her about garlic being an issue. Can anyone help me with the name and author or maybe a link?

Buffy in the future...
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Hello newbie here.

I`m looking for a fic i read at least a year ago. In this fic the council of the future resurrect a bunch of Slayers to help them to improve the moral of the people and another bunch of politic crap. I remember that there was a Japanese Slayer who don`t spoke English and all of them though was mute or something and there was a 1700`s French slayer too. Angel is alive and work for the council but is mostly view as an ally that you can`t really trust. He had move on with his unlife since Buffy`s death a few hundred years ago.

Can anyone help me?


Arkred Xiedi (Formerly Known As Piole)

Spuffy Fic
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Blazing Sun, Burning Hearts by William's Girl

The year is 1917 and Lieutenant William Crawford is on an important
mission. As the Bedouin Tribes fight for freedom from the Ottoman
Empire, Crawford strives to ensure a victory that will secure British
interests in the Suez canal. Elizabeth Summers-Giles, a stubborn
American spy has her own agenda. The two join forces, setting fire to
the desert and melting one another's hearts.
[This is an all-human fiction.]

there is 42 parts. This was archived at morbid desires but now the
site is dead link does anyone have this on disk?


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